Liskeard Museum

For the Explorer in You (2019 Small Barn Studios)

A 7 minute mini documentary on Liskeard Museum and its new exhibit. Premiered at the launch of the museums new exhibit.

Narrator: Natalie Stephens

Directed by Matt Thornhill

“(c)” 2019. Small Barn Studios.

Edited by Small Barn Studios.

Music: “Inspirational Uplifting Positive & Optimistic” by AudioAdvantage. Licensed through


Promotional Video for Liskeard Museum’s Dalek Exhibit. (2019 Small Barn Studios)

“(c)” 2019. Liskeard and District Museum.

Edited by Small Barn Studios.

Animation by Amitai Angor, AA VFX. Used with permission.

Music: “Cinematic Hybrid Trailer – Braaams” by Epikton. Licensed through