The Road to a Licenciate Never Did Run Smooth…

What can I say about preparing for my licenciate assessment at the end of this month? It’s been a great distraction from the misery of the last year, but it has also been a tremendous eye opener in why I set out on this journey and how I perceive myself as a photographer. What I […]


What does the act of trying to regain artistic inspiration look like?: It looks like 2 bottles of wine, and half a bottle of whiskey… Inspiration the artist’s friend and oh! how it eludes the artist. Whether is be periodically or, as in my case, is a total evaporation of the liquid gold that is […]

Film Making, Another String to my Bow

It takes a tremendous amount of people, hard work and planning to create a film. Its more than just pointing a camera at something, pressing record and hoping for the best. The amount of research, writing, planning and communication needed with people is time consuming and extensive, and that’s even before you call action. But […]